Kamis, 15 Maret 2012

bubur kacang ijo

Many people say that green bean porridge for good health and has many nutrients contained in it, but some say even dangerous to health because green bean porridge pake preservatives.
To answer this, I try to seek truth from various sources. Here's a little explanation:A. Green beans have high protein content, as many as 24%. Inside are an important source of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus are beneficial for strengthening bones. Fat is an unsaturated fatty acid so good for the heart. Additionally safely consumed by those who have problems with weight due to lack of content is low.
2. Green beans contain vitamin B1 which serves to prevent the disease beriberi, helping the process of growth, increase appetite, improve digestive tract, and maximizing the nerve. There is research that states that a group of people who lack sufficient food containing vitamin B1, such as green beans, in a short time the symptoms appear irritable, unable to concentrate, and less vibrant. These symptoms are similar to the signs of stress.
3. In addition to vitamin B1, green beans also contain vitamin B2 is his duty to help the absorption of protein in the body. The presence of vitamin B2 will increase the utilization of protein so that absorption becomes more efficient.
4. In addition, the fat contained in the green beans were low enough for those who want to do this diet could be the right choice with a variety of ways and forms of presentation. For example, green beans made into porridge, ice, cake, or as an additive in certain types of beverages such as ice or ice mixed stoned.
Just additional information, other than peanuts, mung bean sprouts also have equally important benefits include:
1. Sprouts antioxidants help slow the aging process
2. Prevent the spread of cancer cells3. The content of vitamin E was to help improve fertility4. Very good to keep the acidity of stomach acid and digestion.5. Beauty that is useful to rejuvenate and smooth the skin, remove black stains on the face, acne cure, nourish hair and slim body.

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