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first fafourit in indonesia.


The simplicity of the archipelago culinary secret recipe
Around mid-2008 while still attending college in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is the most memorable moments remind me of the culinary pleasures of the archipelago. Longing mounting so the tongue is not used to the spice seasoning blend that is too-too spicy and too salty.
Culinary Indonesia, even though so many spices and herbs, but, presumably because of the simplicity of cooking is so popular nationwide. Indonesian cuisine is easily made, Indonesian cuisine sometimes requires many types of spices but not necessarily be in large numbers, especially this fertile soil is rich in variety plus the legendary creativity of the chef. One form of creativity is a soup chef tangkar archipelago. One type of local cuisines of the world's per-soup can be said to have been one of the pieces of the story of a culinary legend archipelago.
Soto Betawi similar to the daily menu, soup Tangkar is also usually a daily meal though so spread is very limited. Only in certain areas such as in the City, Tanah Abang, Kemayoran.
Once "The story of a culinary legend nusantar" tangkar Soto, the former usually cooked by the native Betawi Dutch colonial era. But because the beef should only be for the Dutch, as a result of betawi only gets his bones and tetelan.
But the basis of creativity and artistic taste of culinary connoisseurs and peracik archipelago is high, then so be tangkar soup. Currently, soto tangkar listed as one of the culinary heritage that must nsuantara you taste, especially when the Jakarta Fair Festival was held.

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