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Indonesian culinary hero

First, tour the nation Indonesia is more famous for its treat landscapes, old buildings and ancient heritage as well as the friendly tamahannya. It has also been recognized by all countries across the face of the earth. The term, this country is the Emerald Equator.
However, lack of maintenance, promotion and dissemination of that time to make this gap was harassed by adahnya advertising promotions from neighboring countries who picked up a few of thousands of this nation's culture. Heck he argued, the state name semumpun so if something like a natural.
The next state should be grateful because the president of this country is not bang strikeout, this perumahanku foreman. If only bang foreman who became president, let alone allied cuman, a bag of his brother's brother's womb gampar if he violated ethical or seize land without permission.
Well, fortunately I came to admire the figure. He is a pack Bondan Winarno. A seasoned journalist character who moves like a breeze. Unseen but felt really blowing and pusarannyanya effect.
It was he who finally opened the eyes of all nations Indonesia tourism potential if there is hidden the Culinary tour. Proved, so rich in culinary tourism in this country. Imagine, from the soup alone is more variety such as Soto Betawi, Soto Madura, Soto Padang, Coto Makassar and others.
Black Soup! Rawon Hitam, asli Indonesia

Black Soup! Rawon Black, native to IndonesiaNot to mention I've heard there are no soup is very popular in Europe because of the name and it feels really exotic aka the Black Sauce Soup of the original Black Rawon of Betawi.
All stories culinary Indonesia can be seen in acaraOm Mariah on Trans TV. In fact I think this country needs to give appreciation to the Om Mariah with a new hero, hero Culinary Indonesia.

Om Bondan Winarno, Pahlawan Kuliner Indonesia 
Om Bondan Winarno, Indonesia Culinary HeroFinally, from the movement of Om Mariah Culinary tourism is, appears typical culinary products of Indonesia other diverse and unique-unique. And about this cuisine, the right seems to have to send more students to this country. It was not until decades later years he might be new again laid claim to this treasure Kuliber Indonesia.
Motto Om Mariah was also eventually become a very popular tagline. Because of the popularity, who now does not know the term "Pokok'e Maknyuuusss". The term is a quality standard for fine food grade 'Empire' alias overhang. Hehehehe ....
I swear, I strongly support the movement of this culinary tour of Mariah Om. How not to eat where Om Bondang really fit with my view about where to eat first. Where's my view about the meal divided by 2 things:
Eat or Eat Delicious Delicious?The explanation is, Delicious Eating means feeding site must be comfortable and good for eating. This version is suitable only for eating and going out of business lobbies. Of course it should be more funding. If not more so had to use the system dibayarin aunt Visa or MasterCard Om first. Nggantinya later if there are money .. heheheh
Then, eat delicious food that means we find it tasty, it does not matter about the place. In fact I think the class where the overhang of the tongue instead give more pleasure. And of course, cost-effective even if you must bring your own towels as sweat flooded spiciness.
Problem is delicious to eat or eat any I have always sought-to emua a gang of friends to me while still a boarding school boys. No exception to the Mambo and Bendo, who was coming towards Kosku dri Jogja for field practice.

Kupat Sayur kuah kental buatan budhe Jogja di dekat Perumahanku...  
Vegetable Kupat thick sauce made budhe Yogyakarta near Perumahanku ...I explain at length the fiery and I'm very satisfied with dazed head-nod of the two friends kentalku this, as thick vegetable soup made Kupat egg at a time when I ate breakfast with my wife.
"But Ndol, the words make me mumet pearls!" Said Mambo in warteg where I'll buy him meals.
"Mumet how?"
"Yes, I do not mudeng term ama Eat Eat Delicious Enakmu"
"Loh how come?"
"Yes, I ate him it was important SENSE. Food like this "
"Loh emang awful feeling well this warteg food?"
"It's not the taste of food warteg this ... but ..."
"But what?"
"E ... I mean, suppose it .... RASAh MBAYAR! Gratiiiiisss Alias ​​", he explained.
I cuman lol, with a slight nimpuk with a spoon. But it also bener, the exception for children boarding, free is everything.

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